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At Progressive Foundations and House Movers, we provide expert quality home relocation services. We can transport your buildings from their existing sites to completely new locations. We have a range of buildings that include relocation for sale in our yard. Our home relocation service operates NZ wide, and ranges from the smallest to largest of structures, including:

  • Houses
  • Barns
  • Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Sleepouts

We can also provide the service of house lifting which entails jacking an existing structure to a raised level. You might use such a service for reasons such as construction of a new lower level, garage, basement of for flood protection.



  • Houses bought and sold – we buy houses for removal and offer pre-loved houses for sale

  • Building removal

  • Relocation of client owned buildings

  • Jacking / Jacking and rolling

  • On-site reposition of buildings

  • Structural moving – lifting and shifting of machinery, roof sections, sculptures, ask us…see what we can do!

  • Piling – installation of new timber pole foundations for new or existing homes


  • Re-piling – replacement of unsound foundations and reinstating to level

  • Re-levelling – Raising and re-blocking buildings to level

  • Concrete Floors – Construction of conventional and ribraft floor slabs for both new and existing buildings

  • Footings and Ground Beams – excavation of both footings and bridging work of underground structures

  • Site preparation – Earthworks and site preparation, initial site cleaning and site cut/backfill/compaction

  • Demolition – Demolition of houses, buildings, sheds, chimneys, block walls, brickwork and more

  • Retaining walls – timber pole and keystone retaining wall construction

  • Basement Development - Support only or construction of concrete basements/supporting/excavation and block work construction 




Our team is highly qualified and are Licenced Building Practitioner (LBP), which

means a strict standard of experience and competence that you can rely on and

another reason why we are the experts you require. Just call us and we will take the hard work out of your relocation project.



We take safety very seriously and that’s why we have a current accredited Health and Safety policy that is maintained annually,

which means we are committed to doing the job right and safely. We utilise the best equipment combined with a regular maintenance programme.

We also use the latest techniques in order to provide you with a safe, efficient and affordable home relocation service which is safe for you, safe for us and everyone involved.


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