Relocatable House For Sale In Auckland

At Progressive Foundations, we understand that finding that perfect home can seem to be an impossible task sometimes. Whether it is the location, the property or even the structure itself, there are so many factors to take into account when trying to decide on your new home. That is why Progressive Foundations make it their mission to help Kiwis find their dream home, by providing a service that helps you match your dream house with the perfect property. Specialising in relocatable homes Auckland, we are your answer to finding your ideal home.


Whether you are in the market for a brand new building for that perfect location or even simply need your existing home relocated, Progressive Foundations have all the skills and expertise to work alongside you all the way. With a great selection of relocatable houses for sale, we can help you find the ideal building for your property, with relocation of the structure included in the sale price. Or if you are lucky enough to already be living in your dream home, and are looking to relocate your home to a new property, we are your answer to professional home relocation services.

Affordable Relocatable Homes in Auckland

As your premiere specialists in relocatable houses for sale and relocatable homes Auckland, Progressive Foundations provide relocation services for buildings of all types, whether it is a small shed or a full-sized house. As one of New Zealand's leading relocation providers, we have the experience, expertise and equipment necessary to assist Kiwis in the relocation of houses, barns, classrooms, offices and sleep outs. Operating nationwide, we have been helping Kiwis all over New Zealand find and establish their dream home for the past decade. When you hire Progressive Foundations, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a company that will go the extra mile to help you relocate your home to your favourite place.


So if you are in need of having your dream house relocated, or are looking for that perfect relocatable home, give Progressive Foundations a call and let us help you set up your dream home.